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We have now completed the first phase of the major lamppost renewal programme. We have installed 52,000 new columns with efficient lanterns across Newcastle and North Tyneside areas. Remaining inefficient and 'orange ' light source lanterns will now be changed to a brighter white source including in some areas energy efficient LED units.

Outside the general replacement programme we have areas where normal lighting equipment would not suit the local environment. Therefore consideration is being given to locations in Newcastle City Centre and in North Tyneside's conservation areas where heritage style equipment will be installed and we are in discussions with both authorities and the respective Planning Departments and English Heritage.

This will still leave approximately 8000 columns to be changed across the two Authorities in the second phase of the replacement programme over the next 19 years.

The feedback we have received to date has been informative, showing local residents agree that the street lighting has improved in the areas we have completed.

Your continuing feedback is appreciated and assists us in the process, so please email us at lightsoninnewcastle@enerveo.com or lightsoninnorthtyneside@enerveo.com with your comments.

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